Types of Kale

Recently, people have been investing more time and energy into the maintenance of their health. Today, people want to do more to ensure that they get the most out of life. Taking care of one’s body is a great thing and with more information available, people have become more empowered. Kale is a vegetable to choose if you want to have a healthier body and lifestyle. All types of kale are extremely rich in nutrients and including any or all of them in your diet will yield definite benefits.

Kale is one of the healthiest foods in the world because of its amazing nutrient rich constitution. A cup of chopped kale is will give you 684% of your daily Vitamin K needs. This in itself is amazing since Vitamin K is a hard vitamin to obtain especially if you eat the average North American diet. Apart from this, it also provides Vitamin C, Vitamin A and a huge array of minerals. So if you are looking for a vegetable you can rely on, choose from many of the different types of kale. You won’t be disappointed!

Popular Types of Kale

There are many types of kale that are found around the world. It belongs to the Brasillica family and has collard greens, cabbages and Brussel sprouts as cousins. If you are in the supermarket and are not aware of the types of kale that are available, it can be a tough choice. It is a good idea to try out multiple types of kale. This can help you to find one that suits your tastes and daily meal routines. There are two very popular types of kale that are eaten today and each of them is described below.

Curly and Red Kale

This is the type of kale has a ridged and hearty appearance. It also looks kind of frilly. These two types of kale don’t present much of a difference, only in appearance. They taste pretty much the same and have the same texture. They can easily be interchanged in recipes. These types of kale are perfect for use in cooking dishes. This is especially true when your main goal is to have a sauce that will stick to the greens. If you want to make kale chips then this is the kind that you should go for. If you decide to go for a cheesy sauce it will cling to the curly kale and makes the dish thoroughly enjoyable. However, this is one of the types of kale that may not do well in a raw salad. Its wholesome and hearty texture may not be easy to chew when eaten raw. The texture may be unpleasant, even if you have massaged the leaves for a few minutes during preparation.

Lacinato Kale or Dinosaur Kale

This is one of the types of kale that is softer in texture. This makes it perfect for dishes which involve cooking. Salads with dressing are great to show off this beautiful variety of kale. The best way to get more out this type of kale is to massage it nicely or cut it into thin ribbons as this will prevent it from being too chewy.

Other Kale Varieties

Here are some other varieties of kale, most of them are edible.

• Siberian Kale (Edible)
• Red Chidori (Edible but bitter)
• Premier kale(Edible)
• Plain Leaved Kale (Edible)
• Ornamental Kale(Edible but bitter)
• Rebor Kale (Edible)
• Walking Stick Kale (Not Edible)
• Kamome Red Kale (Edible but bitter)
• Red Russian Kale (Edible)
• Winter Red Kale (Edible)
• Rape Kale or Russian Hunger Gap (Edible)